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CBP Focused Assessments, Audits & Audit Surveys

Facing CBP audits can be daunting, but our team of former Customs Auditors and Audit Supervisors is here to guide you through each step. From Audit Surveys to in-depth Focused Assessments, we not only prepare you for what to expect but actively assist in responding to requests for information. Our seasoned experts attend site visits while CBP is present, leveraging their extensive experience to navigate audits effectively, ensuring a successful outcome for your business.


Forced Labor

Forced labor poses a significant risk to supply chains, and our auditors work collaboratively with law firm partners to address Uyghur Forced Labor Protection Act (UFLPA) detentions. Whether it's securing the release of detained goods or designing a UFLPA due diligence strategy, we provide actionable advice to help companies efficiently address their forced labor risks. Partner with us to enhance supplier onboarding procedures and gain practical insights that minimize business disruption while ensuring ethical practices in your supply chain. Click here for a detailed list of Forced Labor Services.


Prior Disclosure Quantifications & Statistical Sampling

When it comes to CBP regulations allowing statistical sampling, our team of former Customs Auditors stands out with in-depth knowledge and training. We assist clients in developing and implementing statistical sampling methods, ensuring accuracy and compliance with U.S. Customs requests. By efficiently reviewing import data without having to examine every transaction, statistical sampling allows auditors to draw conclusions and determine compliance with U.S. Customs laws and regulations. Trust us to streamline this process, making it both efficient and effective.


Import Compliance Manual & Standard Operating Procedure Development

Every importer is unique, and their compliance programs should be too. We specialize in assisting importers in developing and implementing comprehensive U.S. Customs import compliance programs and manuals tailored to their specific needs. During an audit, having written policies and procedures is crucial, and our experts ensure these documents describe detailed internal controls to ensure compliance in each risk area. Trust us to guide you in building a solid foundation for compliance, navigating the intricacies of U.S. Customs regulations with precision.


Risk Assessments & Post Entry Audits

Internal controls play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance, and our auditors are well-versed in developing, testing, and evaluating systems of internal control. Most importers overlook the Risk Assessment component, but we specialize in developing and implementing risk assessments, including macro-based ADD/CVD risk assessments. Our comprehensive post entry audit programs are designed to test the accuracy of import entry declarations and identify discrepancies with customs laws and regulations. Partner with us to manage your limited resources effectively, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.


HTS Tariff Classification

Accurate HTS classification is essential across industries, and our experts assist clients with their classification needs. Whether building a classification database, analyzing existing databases, or classifying new products or components, our focus on detail and reasoned judgment ensures robust classification solutions. Optimize opportunities afforded by current trade programs, and verify that your products have been properly classified to comply with customs regulations.

Free Trade Agreement Rule of Origin Analysis & Audits

Our team of former Customs Auditors brings extensive training in free trade agreements (FTAs) to the table. From USMCA to GSP, we not only assist in rule of origin analysis but also conduct audits to ensure products qualify under specific FTA rules. With experience in assisting clients during audits conducted by customs officials in different countries, we help you confidently navigate the complex world of FTAs, ensuring compliance and maximizing the benefits available.


Customs Value Reconciliation Program

Reconciliation allows importers to revise certain elements of an entry summary that were indeterminable at the time of entry. Whether it's covering transfer price adjustments, assists, royalties, or more, our team assists clients with various aspects of the reconciliation process. Trust us to guide you through the intricacies, ensuring accurate value reconciliations that align with U.S. Customs requirements.


Complex Valuation Reviews

Do you know your basis of appraisement?  It is one of the first questions CBP will ask in any value review.  Our team is also well versed in general ledger reviews to identify undeclared additions to value (e.g. commissions, royalties, assists, packing, and proceeds) as CBP would during an audit.  In scenarios with multiple sales of goods prior to importation into the United States, the First Sale rule offers importers the opportunity to use the price paid in the “first or earlier sale” as the basis for customs value. Our team of trained auditors conducts first sale valuation assessments to ensure compliance, reduce duties, and develop robust internal controls for sustained adherence. Rely on our expertise to navigate the complexities and achieve optimal results in customs valuation.


CTPAT Security & CTPAT Trade Compliance Application Process

The Customs and Trade Partnership Against terrorism (CTPAT) is a partnership between CBP and the trade community, designed for compliant companies. Offering benefits including expedited clearance, removal from the Focused Assessment audit pool, and expedited UFLPA detention review.  Our team assists clients throughout the CTPAT application process, from conducting internal reviews to participating in the Application Review Meeting (ARM). With expertise in every aspect of the CTPAT application, including annual self-testing and notification letter preparation, we ensure a smooth and compliant journey through this specialized program.


Customs 101 & Customized Training

Education is key to compliance, and our team has conducted numerous training sessions covering various import topics. We are passionate about training ensuring we delve beyond the theory into addressing the challenges of practical implementation!  From large conferences (ATCC) to in-house and on-the-job training, we are dedicated to providing quality education and creating unique networking environments. Explore our Customs 101 and customized training sessions to stay informed, adapt to changes in international trade, and set your team up for success.

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