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Deleon Trade delivers tailored services in broker compliance, providing end-to-end solutions to enhance efficiency and uphold excellence in customs practices.

Risk Assessments & Post Entry Audits

Internal controls play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance, and our auditors excel in developing, testing, and evaluating systems, including macro-based ADD/CVD risk assessments. Our comprehensive post-entry audit programs verify import entry accuracy and ensure adherence to customs laws. Partner with us to effectively manage limited resources, guaranteeing compliance and peace of mind while elevating your brokerage operations through tailored risk assessments that safeguard against potential red flags and uphold customs compliance.


Customs 101 & Customized Training

Education is key to compliance, and our team has conducted numerous training sessions covering various import topics. We are passionate about training ensuring we delve beyond the theory into addressing the challenges of practical implementation!  From large conferences (ATCC) to in-house and on-the-job training, we are dedicated to providing quality education and creating unique networking environments. Explore our Customs 101 and customized training sessions to stay informed, adapt to changes in international trade, and set your team up for success.


Broker Independent Audits

Updated compliance manuals and policies are crucial, but our team goes beyond documentation to prepare you for broker audits. Compliance with the thirteen factors of responsible supervision and control is essential, and we help you identify areas of potential risk while providing proven guidance to shore up those risk areas. Ensure you are audit-ready and compliant with the regulations, safeguarding your brokerage operations.

HTS Tariff Classification

Accurate HTS classification is essential across industries, and our experts assist clients with their classification needs. Whether building a classification database, analyzing existing databases, or classifying new products or components, our focus on detail and reasoned judgment ensures robust classification solutions. Optimize opportunities afforded by current trade programs, and verify that your products have been properly classified to comply with customs regulations.


Broker Compliance Manuals

Achieving meaningful compliance objectives starts with tailored manuals that integrate your current company policies and procedures. We go beyond setting achievable yet meaningful objectives for compliance activities. Our expertise lies in crafting compliance manuals that not only meet but exceed industry standards, ensuring they align seamlessly with your brokerage operations. Trust us to review your existing policies and procedures, providing guidance to set proper compliance goals. In the ever-changing world of international trade, our commitment is to regularly review and update manuals, policies, and procedures, keeping your brokerage in sync with the latest changes and maintaining the highest standards of compliance.


Ad hoc Research

Stay steps ahead with our specialized ad hoc research services tailored for the intricate customs landscape. We can serve as your outsourced support, assisting when your clients have technical questions, but your brokerage staff lack the time for research and documentation.  We can assist with questions on: Valuation, Classification, Chapter 98, Free Trade Agreement Certifications, and more.

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