John Metrich

Director of Audit Services


John Metrich is Director of Audit Services.  John assists clients with U.S. Customs compliance programs and with responses to Customs inquiries and audits.  John works with clients to conduct internal audits of their U.S. Customs compliance programs to identify risks and internal control deficiencies and assists clients with developing and strengthening of internal control procedures to mitigate compliance risks.  He has significant experience in designing statistical samples to quantify the extent of issues utilizing EZ-Quant Statistical Sampling software used by U.S. Customs.  He has prepared prior disclosure documentation, cost submissions and compute value reconciliations, and conducted comprehensive valuation and special trade program reviews to respond to U.S. Customs inquiries and audits.  John also provides training to clients on valuation, special trade program compliance, and internal control implementation.


Before joining Deleon Trade LLC, John served as Sr. Auditor and Assistant Field Director of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s Regulatory Audit Division in Chicago for 11 years.  John had a diverse array of audit experience as audit team leader and supervisor, including focused assessments, quick response audits, broker audits, drawback audits, commercial fraud investigations, financial investigations (money laundering/ grand jury), and user fee audits.  These audits involved many trade areas including valuation, computed value, reconciliation, classification, anti-dumping/countervailing duties, free trade agreements, and special duty provisions.


He has successfully completed multiple advanced training courses with Customs, including: Advanced Valuation, Statistical Sampling, Evaluating Internal Controls, Advanced Fraud, Advanced Financial Investigative Techniques and Management Leadership.



B.S., Accounting, Purdue University with Distinction, Minors in Finance, Economics, International Business and Managing Information Systems


Awards & Honors

Distinguished U.S. Customs Commissioner's Award









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