Ashley Adducci

Senior Trade Auditor

Ashley Adducci is Senior Trade Auditor. She assists clients in preparing for audits, identifying compliance risks, selecting and reviewing statistical samples, and responding to U.S. Customs inquiries and requests for information.


Before joining Deleon Trade, Ashley served as an Auditor in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Regulatory Audit, Chicago Field Office for 6 years. Ashley assisted on and led various audits including focused assessments, technical assists, disclosure reviews involving sampling/offsetting, anti-dumping duties, user fee audits, supply chain security observations, and quick response audits. These audits involved multiple trade areas such as transaction value, classification, anti-dumping duties, special duty provisions, and free trade programs. Ashley also has experience utilizing EZ-Quant software used by U.S. Customs in selecting and projecting the results of statistical samples.


She has successfully completed advanced training courses with U.S. Customs, including: Advanced Valuation, Statistical Sampling, Evaluating Internal Controls, Supply Chain Security, and Fraud Auditing Boot Camp.



B.S., Accounting, DePaul University, Strobel Accounting Honors program.







T:  1.281.466.2026

M: 1.708.431.2655



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