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🚨 NEWS FLASH: CBP Recent Developments in Forced Labor Enforcement

Trade world, pay attention! There have been significant updates made by CBP to the ACE Protest tool for protesting a Notice of Exclusion under the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA). This deployment automates reviews linked to the UFLPA, which makes the process easier for filers. Now, you can contest CBP's exclusion decision directly via the ACE Protest tool. For detailed instructions on how to request UFLPA reviews, check out CSMS # 60161177. For inquiries, reach out to

Next up, a friendly reminder that CBP is seeking public comments on its new Forced Labor Portal/Forced Labor Case Management System. The goal of this system is to make the process of reporting forced labor more centralized, enhancing efficiency for both CBP and the public. Email your thoughts to by June 7, 2024. In Federal Register document # 2024-07381, you can find out more about the suggested system and how to give feedback.

Finally, in case you missed it, the Automation of CBP Form 6051D for Detentions of Cargo in ACE, including UFLPA Detentions, was put into place by CBP on January 27, 2024. Now, forms 6051D that were sent online can be found in Report ES-013 Entry Summary. See CSMS # 59188244 and CSMS # 59742040 for more information. Want to know more? Email

Let's work together to combat forced labor and ensure ethical trade practices! 

See additional Deleon Trade Forced Labor Resources for more information.





Vague Commodity Descriptions

When dealing with commodity descriptions, precise cargo descriptions are a must (19 CFR 4.7a(c)(4)(vii)). 


Vague or overly general descriptions can lead to confusion and delays, especially when it comes to customs declarations. Effective April 1, 2024, CBP is implementing new cargo release response messages to tackle vague merchandise descriptions (CSMS # 60011750). 


Here are some examples of vague commodity descriptions that should be avoided:

  • General Merchandise: Instead, provide a more detailed description of the goods.
  • Samples: Specify what type of samples (e.g., fabric samples, product samples).
  • Promotional Materials: Be more specific about the promotional items (e.g., brochures, flyers).
  • Parts: Indicate the specific type of parts (e.g., auto parts, electronic components).
  • See Commercial Invoice: Avoid using this phrase; include relevant details directly.

Remember that customs authorities need clear, concise descriptions to target high-risk goods accurately. Providing detailed information ensures a smoother shipping process. 📦✨

For a comprehensive list of vague commodity descriptions, refer to Deleon Trade’s resource page

Elevating the e-Recordation Program

#IPRProtection #CBPeRecordation #ImporterInsights

Calling all Importers: Did you know that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is cranking up the gears on their Intellectual Property Rights protection game? In a recent Federal Register notice, CBP announced a request for comments seeking feedback on an information collection request related to Copyrights and Trademarks regulations. This includes the introduction of a brand-new online application

This feature allows
you, the importer, to provide an abundance of additional information beyond what was
traditionally submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or the U.S. Copyright Office.

For those who might not be aware, CBP's e-Recordation Program ensures that
articles bearing counterfeit trademarks or infringing on recorded trademarks and
copyrights face strict restrictions upon importation to safeguard your genuine merchandise. 

Your intellectual property is not only protected but actively defended at the borders. 

CBP invites you to share your insights during the 60-day notice and comment period, concluding on April 29, 2024. CBP encourages comments on the necessity, accuracy, and practicality of the proposed information collection, as well as suggestions to enhance information quality and minimize submission and enforcement burdens.

This means you can now actively contribute to the process. Your comments can shape the effectiveness of these regulations, ensuring a collaborative effort in safeguarding intellectual property. Imagine having a say in authenticating your genuine merchandise and differentiating it from non-genuine counterparts! Your intellectual property is your brand's essence, and it deserves the highest level of protection.

Your Guide to Broker Compliance Excellence

Calling all brokers! Are your compliance procedures up to date with changes to 19 CFR 111? Are you ready in the event of a CBP audit? Need some assistance? So excited to offer these broker compliance services.

Your Guide to Identifying & Addressing Forced Labor Risk

WCO Exploratory Study

Yesterday, the World Customs Organization (WCO) published an interim report on an "Exploratory Study on the Possible Strategic Review of the Harmonized System (HS)" which aims to reshape the trade landscape.

The HS is undergoing a holistic examination to ensure it aligns with the complexities of modern trade. This exploration aims to identify enhancements, improvements, and strategic changes that can elevate the HS's usability and sustainability. With proposed benefits for trade such as:

Simplified Access to Resources: The study envisions a future where trade professionals have streamlined access to essential resources, making compliance and navigation more straightforward than ever before.
Easier and More Precise Classification: Say goodbye to classification challenges! The proposed changes target a more precise and user-friendly classification system, easing the burden on customs administrations, importers, and exporters.

Efficiency in Policy Compliance: In a rapidly changing trade environment, the study seeks to enhance the HS's adaptability to complex policy requirements, ensuring that compliance is not just a checkbox but an efficient and dynamic process.

Facilitated Trade Operations: Imagine a trade environment characterized by faster pace and diverse users. The study aims to introduce strategies that will facilitate smoother trade operations, benefiting everyone from customs administrations to businesses.

Join me in embracing this exciting opportunity to simplify, enhance, and revolutionize international trade practices. Let's navigate the future together! 🌍✨ 

#TradeEfficiency #WCOExploratoryStudy #CustomsConsultantInsights

Happy New Year!

Hi, everyone, I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, from all of us at DeLeon Trade. It's been such an amazing year. It's been so full of wonderful experiences, eye opening learning experiences, opportunities to make a difference. And I just encourage each and every one of you to make 2024 all that it can be, get out of your comfort zone, risk things. Give back as much as you can, and just strive for 2024 to be all of our year to make a difference. To make this world a better place, to make our voices heard, and just to be an impact on the world, on society, on our industry. I encourage you all to do it. It's going to be me right there with you. Happy 2024. Happy New Year everyone! Take care.

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