Forced Labor Services


Deleon Trade delivers tailored services in forced labor compliance,

providing solutions for enhanced visibility and risk mitigation.

Training on Forced Labor
Empower your workforce, suppliers, and other stakeholders with the essential knowledge needed to identify and address forced labor risk. Knowledge is power – let's empower your team with the tools to mitigate the risk of forced labor in your supply chain!


Code of Conduct Development
Develop a strong foundation for ethical business practices.  Our experts will guide you through the process of developing a customized Code of Conduct. 
Forced Labor Procedures Development
Achieve results with customized procedures that aim to eliminate forced labor from your supply chain. Elevate your written procedures for your CTPAT program.
Forced Labor Supplier Risk Assessments
Our software powered assessments pinpoint potential forced labor risks and meet CTPAT forced labor risk assessment requirements.
Supplier Due Diligence
Our supplier Due Diligence services help you obtain information that is critical in assessing your suppliers to mitigate forced labor risk.
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