Mary Cagle

Sr. Trade Auditor

Mary Cagle is a Senior Trade Auditor for Deleon Trade in Charlotte, North Carolina. She represents clients undergoing Customs audits and serves as a buffer between the client and Customs audtiors.  She also performs mock U.S. Customs and Border Protection audits to determine if clients have systems in place to ensure transactions are in compliance with U.S. Customs laws and regulations. She supports clients involved in prior disclosures in their quantification efforts, which include both 100% review and statistical sampling.  Mary assists clients in drafting and finalizing their Customs compliance manuals or assisting clients in updating and reinforcing current policies and procedures.  She is able to assist clients in their responses to Customs inquiries.  Mary is well-versed in Customs Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) and offers training to clients to utilize ACE to their advantage.  


Ms. Cagle has nearly 10 years of experience working for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, where she performed extensive audits pertaining to value, classification, antidumping and countervailing duty investigations, free trade agreements and reconciliation.  Mary also completed two temporary details working with Regulatory Audit and Agency Advisory Services Headquarters, former Operations Branch, where she monitored in-process assignments and the findings of completed importer audit reports.  


She also has experience developing and implementing a strategic trade compliance program for a well-known importer in the industrial technologies industry.  During this time, Mary also managed the brokerage relationship with the importer’s Customs brokers.  


MBA, Winthrop University
B.S., Accounting, Appalachian State University


Professional Activities

-Licensed Customs Broker






T:     281.466.2026


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